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Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Courtney AmbroseCourtney Ambrose
Relaxed, enjoyable & professional Driving Lessons
I cannot recommend Lisa enough! Lisa is an amazing driving instructor, she is very patient and supportive. When driving with Lisa I never feel under pressure, but relaxed and enjoy myself. Before finding Lisa I was really nervous to start driving as I was scared to get in the car with a stranger, but with Lisa I feel 100% comfortable and have from the first lesson. Another great thing about driving with Lisa is that she allows you to go at your own pace, whilst you make rapid progress she will never push you to do something you are not ready for. 100% recommend 😊 Along with Lisa herself I have found that the LD System and the Driving skills work book are incredibly useful. They are easy and clear to use, as well as allowing you to have independence with your own driving. The workbook includes lesson plans, reflection logs and discussion points for the end of each lesson which I find are really useful to keep track of how far I've come and where I've yet to go. Overall if you are considering learning to drive I fully recommend LDC and their driving instructors, you will find it to be relaxed, enjoyable and incredibly efficient.